Asuransi Jiwa means Life Insurance. In Indonesia, asuransi jiwa is not very popular, not many people wants to buy life insurance, they think that they would not take any advantage of it when they are still alive.

Actually, the idea behind life insurance is not protecting yourself, it’s protecting your family financial future, if the worst was to happen to you. To buy life insurance is not because someone must die, but it’s because someone else must go on living, in this case, your children and your family.

Life insurance is a risk shifting on financial loss from the insured to the insurer. There are two types of life insurance, Term Life and Whole Life insurance.

Asuransi Term Life is a good choice if you want to have a life protection for a certain period of time. The premium is more affordable compared to Asuransi Whole Life.

Term life insurance is typically used by companies who want to provide life protection for their employees. Group Term Life coverage usually starts from 24 X salary of the employee. Supposed in the middle of the coverage, an employee resign, his protection can be transferred to the new employee who replace his job. Avrist Group Term Life provides life protection for employees with a very affordable premium.

If you’re looking for a life insurance for individual, whole life insurance could be a better choice.

Avrist Prime Whole Life is a product from Avrist Assurance. Avrist Assurance is a leading insurance company in Indonesia, the company has been offering insurance for more than 37 years for the people of Indonesia. Supported by more than 4000 agents spread all over Indonesia, Avrist has provided insurance protection for about one million customers.

Avrist delivers various kinds of insurance protection, such as health insurance, life insurance, income protection, group term life, travel insurance, group health care for employees and many more. Basically, Avrist has grown to be a one stop shopping insurance company with many products that are customised to the demands of the community.

Avrist Prime Whole Life provides lifetime protection with affordable premiums, and equipped with a variety of advantages, such as :

• 100% mortality benefits of the basic sum assured plus the additional death benefit (guaranteed).

• Up to 41% cheaper premium for basic sum assured that is more than Rp. 500 million.

• A variety of additional protection with a relatively reasonable price to complement your basic life protection.

• A minimum of only Rp. 2.5 million premium per year with an alternative payment period for 7 or 10 years.

• The protection will last until the insured reaches the age of 96 years.

If you care for your family financial future, consider of taking asuransi Whole Life. Feel the assurance of having asuransi jiwa Whole Life, A future protection for your family. To have an appointment with our agent, please contact our email khianpin@perlindunganasuransi.com



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